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BALCA Finds CO Impermissibly Substituted Judgment for the Employer’s
- July 16, 2012

BALCA Says Travel Requirement Is Substantive and Must be Noted on the ETA 9089
- August 25, 2011

BALCA Vacates Denial and Returns to CO based on imprecision of Audit Request
- January 08, 2010

BALCA Affirms Denial, Finding CO Not Required to Review BNL Letter First Submitted with Request for Reconsideration
- January 08, 2010

BALCA Reverses, Finding Denial Based on Omissions Arbitrary and Capricious Absent Explanation by CO
- January 07, 2010

BALCA Affirms Denial Finding Employer’s Statement Not Adequate Documentation of Advertisement Attestation
- November 09, 2009

BALCA Remands so that Employer Can Re-advertise to Correct Deficiency
- October 23, 2008

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